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Healing Journey 


This is a personalized healing session. 


Perfect for clients experiencing (but not limited to) pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, fear, addictions, stress and/or self sabotage.


The session is catered to the optimum healing session for the client to feel cleared, calm, at peace and back in harmony with self. 


This healing session can include:

  • Reiki

  • Grounding Release

  • Angel Therapy Healing

  • Color Therapy Healing

  • Crystal Healing

  • Cord Cutting

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Past Life Healing

  • Karmic Healing

  • Highest Self Activation   


*Includes a consultation and after healing care. 


Distance Healing (Phone/Zoom)



 $900 3 Session Bundle

Reiki Healing

Experience the Healing Life Force of the Universe (Reiki) to re-harmonize the areas that physically, emotionally, and mentally block you.


Restoring you: mind, body and soul back into natural harmony. 

Distance Healing (Phone/Zoom)

 $180/60 mins

 $125/30 mins

 $460/60 mins 3 Session Bundle

Akashic Records 

The Akashic Records are the vibrational records of each individual soul and their journey. The Records contain all past, present and future possibilities, and are an experiential body of wisdom, love and compassion.  

We open the Akashic Records to communicate with the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones and see your true self.
Receive career advice, guidance on love & relationships, personal healing and release, and past life trauma.

Distance Session (Phone/Zoom)

$200/60 mins

$125/30 mins

Akashic Reiki

Open the Akashic Records to discover the intention or focus of your present healing path and use Reiki to heal past lives, Karmic ties, or past traumas discovered in the Akashic Reading.


Distance (phone/Zoom) 

$350 | 45 mins Akashic/60 mins Reiki

$250 | 30 mins Akashic/30 mins Reiki

Discovery Call

This is a consultation call. Connect with Amber and see the best course of healing for you!

Includes a mini journey healing if time permits. 

*New clients only 

Distance (Phone/Zoom)

$50 | 30 mins


"Being held and facilitated under Amber's guidance and healing modalities has been truly healing. With such grace, Amber carries such a strength for her gifts. The way she meets me as I move through my stuff in our session makes me feel so safe and seen. Incorporating reiki and personal unique energy that she holds - I've been able to move through, let go of and welcome some big things in because of Amber's sessions! I couldn't recommend this angel enough."

-Talia D.G

Bali, Indonesia

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