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Meet Amber 

Transformational Healer & Leader of The Ripple Effect 

Amber Barnett is a teacher of Higher Consciousness, Spirituality, Mysticism, and Energy Medicine. She is a Certified Healing Practitioner of Reiki, The Akashic Records, Angel Therapy, and a Leader of The Ripple Effect movement. 

Born into a life of toxicity plagued by addiction, mental, physical and sexual abuse, one thing became very clear for her- this was not going to be the life she was going to carry or pass along. 

At a young age, Amber had a strong and visceral connection to the spiritual realm. Through an activated intuition, she was consciously guided by benevolent beings showing her heaven on Earth was real and that she was apart of Earth's Ascension. 


As Amber moved into her teens and early 20's, she experienced and healed through anxiety, addiction, depression, physical ailments, sexual, and mental trauma.


"Growing up I was fortunate enough to receive help from counselors and therapist. But the biggest healing experience I've ever had was through meditation- connecting to my Highest Self and dissociating with the illusion of fear." 

Through this experience, Amber started her own intensive healing journey. The more Amber healed her traumas, the more she came to understand how she was here to be of service to others. Taking all the techniques, tools and vehicles that have helped her heal and step into her authentic truth- Amber has put together a proven system to help bring her clients their own personal freedom through healing. But her work doesn't stop there.


From her own experience, Amber knows the way to secure empowerment and sovereignty is to serve in what lights you up the most and get paid abundantly for it!


"We all deserve to be, do and have what we love... it is possible and already happening for me and thousands of others! Now, it's just a matter of healing the past, choosing your infinite worth, borrowing my belief and jumping in!" 


Working with Amber is a one-stop shop for healing, empowerment and all-around personal freedom. So, whether you are ready to heal and step into your truth or ready to step into your empowerment and get paid for your gifts, Amber meets you where you're at and helps guide you to your desired vision.  



"My healing experience with Amber was life-changing. First of all, her presence is so calming, and I felt so safe in her energy and space that we co-created. The healing itself was so powerful and afterword I felt completely liberated, up-leveled version of myself. And she made sure to follow up with me to see how I was integrating a few days later. I can't say enough good things!! She is phenomenally gifted and an absolutely beautiful spirit."

-Sarah C.

Colorado, USA 

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