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Journey to Freedom Course

Designed to eradicate the fear of ego mind and empower you back into your truth and alignment. This journey will take you to the deep-rooted issues that are causing you to stay in the loop of pain and suffering. And in return give you the confidence, clarity and connection to live the life you’d love to live! 

The first hour, you will learn mind freedom techniques bringing awareness to where you are losing your power and how to gain it back. 

The second half, Amber will take you on a healing journey through meditation that can include: Reiki healing, grounding release, cord cutting, Angel Therapy healing, color therapy healing, inner child healing, and/or karmic healing.


All healing journeys are unique and specific to the highest greater good of the client and their healing journey.  

12 week course

Sessions 90 mins 


Angel Therapy Course 


Discover your unique healing relationship with the Angelic Realm. 

Designed to help connect you back with Angels. You will learn how to bring the loving presence, guidance, protection, and healing from the Angels and gain special healing tools catered to you and your life journey. 

8 week course 

Sessions 90 mins 

Sacred Spirit Course 


Designed to take you on a powerful journey to ground, heal and seal your Spirit.

In this course you will:


  • Receive a grounding activation to clear and purify your mind, body and soul.

  • Be connected to Spirit Guides, Angels, and Spirit Animals supporting you on your life journey. 

  • Be connected and activated to your highest Soul vibration.

  • Learn how to clear your energy field and seal yourself into protection. 

  • Learn tools and techniques to clear your home and work environment. 


8 week course 

Sessions 90 mins 


"Working with Amber has been such a game changer for me. Before Amber, I had so many questions, found it hard to connect with myself and struggled with feeling lost + stuck in my life. Since working with her, I have found so much clarity in all aspects of my life. She has a gift of beautifully and divinely helping you with bringing awareness to what we keep hidden, how to identify and transmute limiting beliefs, guiding you to your highest self + so much more. I'm forever grateful to call her a mentor." 

-Angella C.

New Jersey, USA 

Journey to Freedom Alumni 

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