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This is your life... are you in love with it?

Online Healing & Mentorship with

Amber Barnett

Heal deep-rooted blocks keeping you stuck & step into the highest version of yourself! 

Serve in your empowerment, creating impact and abundance online. 


Your problem isn't that you don't believe in love- it's that you don't believe in love only.

- C.I.M 

Hey Love, I'm so happy you're here! 

I'm Amber Barnett

Certified Healing Practitioner of Reiki, Akashic Records, Angel Therapy, and Online Business Leader of The Ripple Effect movement. Helping you experience fulfillment and empowerment through energy healing, mindset mastery, and connection to Divine Source.

Born into a life of toxicity, crippling fear and poverty consciousness, I knew at a young age I was meant for more!

I held the vision of living a life of serenity, joy and abundance- even though this was far from my reality at the time. But with determination to transform my life, trauma healing, and the right vehicle this is now my reality- Living my dream life in paradise, sunny San Diego, CA.

This is our birthright- to live the life we would LOVE. There's nothing that lights me up more than serving daily in my mission- Helping others break free from the chains of pain and struggle into living a life of abundant freedom!


I have taken years of knowledge, experience, tools, techniques and the vehicles that have transformed my life & now I'm sharing it all with you, so you can experience true empowerment and transformation too!

I'm on a mission to help heal, empower and create a lasting ripple effect of positive impact on the world!


I do this in 2 powerful ways... 


I help those who are ready to heal, cleanse and clear out the deep rooted blocks keeping them stuck, small and suffering.

Are you ready to truly be free and step into the highest version of yourself?

If so, a Healing Journey session is for you!  


I help ambitious Lightworkers ready to live a Higher Consciousness lifestyle, serve in their gifts and make more money while creating impact

Are you ready to serve in your purpose, click into the right vehicle and community, to thrive in financial freedom?


If so, The Ripple Effect is for you!     ​


"After my first healing with Amber my heart was full of love for her. I remember thinking that she is an angel; a Godsend. Before working with Amber, I was operating on autopilot and “living” a mundane life in survival mode.  Amber has the ability to provide the exact healing, guidance and tools that you need. I love that she is genuine, heart-centered, funny, and has an unbelievable talent with words and communication."

-Priya P.

Connecticut, USA 

What I Specialize In

Online Business Mentorship



After working with Amber, I have so many tools to support me through the changes that life inevitably brings. I am now creating the life I choose and living a life of gratitude and joy. It is not all rainbows and butterflies, though those tools have been a part of my journey to freedom. Time, energy and effort result in changes; major life shifts. I can wholeheartedly say that if you put in the “work”, you will see results. I love working with Amber because she lovingly holds space and guides me to my best life.  Every healing that I have had with Amber has been EPIC and I am in awe every time. Her talent is something one must experience for himself/herself. I have already recommended Amber to anyone who is open to it and would recommend her to anyone looking to heal and live an intentional life. It is undoubtedly the greatest gift you will give to yourself or to a loved one. 


-Priya P.

Connecticut, USA

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